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Drew Langton PAPER 1 OUTLINE Prompt Question: What does the children’s performance of the auction block in Kindred tell us about the way Kindred imagines the way systems of oppression operate on the personal or societal level? Thesis: Slavery is a system of oppression that forces minorities to adapt to atrocious living conditions and violence. This system of oppression effects minorities in a societal manner, as well as on a personal level as they struggle to survive through their unfortunate situation. Quote 1: (P. 99) Quoting Dana “They don’t have to understand. Even games they play are preparing them for their future- and that future will come whether they understand it or not.” Summary: This quote talks about the game the slave children are playing. The game involves each child standing up on a stump and selling one another to ‘the owners.’ Explication: This quote shows how slavery has been such a significant part of life for slaves and their families. They are so adapted to the idea of being owned and controlled
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