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Paper 2 Outline - Paper 2 Outline Thesis OBrien uses...

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Paper 2 Outline Thesis: O’Brien uses absence of attention to Rat Kiley for foreshadowing effects after Kiley doesn’t get a response from Lemon’s sister. Supporting Point 1: O’Brien explains how Curt Lemon died and how Rat Kiley wrote a heart filled letter to Lemon’s sister in great detail. He explains how close the two soldiers were and how they were merely having a good time when Lemon stepped on a rigged mortar and died. O’Brien then cuts off on a tangent story for a few pages. This story is significant because it is about how a group of soldiers go insane over silence. This is O’Brien foreshadowing what is to come in the next few pages with Kiley because he never hears back from Lemons sister (no response to his letter represents the silence). (P. 68) “They keep strict field discipline. Absolute silence.” Supporting Point 2: In Mitchell Sanders’ tangent story, O’Brien talks about how the recon soldiers have been sitting in the same spot for 7 days straight; no talking, no moving. He explains how on
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