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Peter Rehder 714874731 Psych 220, sec. 001 Brain research methods A computerized axial tomography (CT or CAT scan) is one way that researchers and doctors can record images of the brain’s anatomy. A CT scan can be used to detect abnormalities in a person’s brain, such as a tumor. Before conducting CT scan, a doctor injects a contrast dye into the subject’s blood. Next, the person’s head is place into the CT scanner. X-rays are sent through the head to detectors on the other side that record them. The scanner rotates slowly around the head until a measurement of over 180 degrees has been taken at each angle. As stated above, the CT scan uses X-rays to form images of the brain, which involves a small amount of radiation. However, such small exposure to X-ray radiation is not harmful to a relatively healthy person. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a test used to create images of the brain based on the axis of rotation of atoms. The MRI can be used to create images with anatomical details smaller than a millimeter in diameter, allowing researchers and physicians to detect tumors and other problems, similar to the CT scan. An MRI applies a magnetic field that aligns all the axes of rotation. After aligning the atoms, a brief radio frequency is used to tilt them. When the frequency stops, the atoms release electromagnetic energy as they return to their original axes. The MRI forms an image by measuring the energy released by the atoms.
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Brain research methods paper - Peter Rehder 714874731 Psych...

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