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Drew Langton Page 1 of 5 Effects of Slavery on Developing Cultures Prompt Question: What does the children’s performance of the auction block in Kindred tell us about the way Kindred imagines the way systems of oppression operate on the personal or societal level? Slavery is a system of oppression that forces minorities to adapt to atrocious living conditions and extensive violence. This system of oppression negatively affects minorities as a society as well as on a personal level while they struggle to survive through their pained situation. Kindred (a neo-slave narrative novel) tells about the trials and tribulations of a slave living in the years between 1810 and 1830. These slaves and their children had to live and work in horrible conditions of heat, hunger, and filth, in order to evade harsh physical and emotional abuse by their masters. They were not allowed to read nor did they have time for learning. Every waking moment was spend in the fields. Even the children were oppressed with the effects of slavery on their lives, not being brought up in a suitable environment for a successful future of aspirations. These slaves were treated like prisoners; brainwashed from the moment of their birth to accept a life filled with labor, violence, and emotional trauma; a life without freedom. Many slave children have never known a life away from slavery. Having been born into slavery, it is the only lifestyle they and their families have ever seen. During a rather disturbing part of Kindred , the main character, Dana, notices some of the slave children playing a game. The game is arranged so that one slave child is up on a tree stump while another one of the children runs a slave auction, selling the child to other
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Drew Langton Page 2 of 5 children gathered around playing as slave owners. There is much to depict and learn from the actions of these children. As Dana witnesses this auction game, she responds to it by saying, “Even the
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slavery - Drew Langton Page 1 of 5 Effects of Slavery on...

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