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ANOVA for Normal but Condensed Data Sets-ECO6416

ANOVA for Normal but Condensed Data Sets-ECO6416 - y i =(S...

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ANOVA for Normal but Condensed Data Sets In testing the equality of several means, often the raw data are not available. In such a case, one must perform the needed analysis based on secondary data using the data summaries; namely, the triple-set: The sample sizes, the sample means, and the sample variances. Suppose one of the samples is of size n having the sample mean , and the sample variance S 2 . Let:
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Unformatted text preview: y i = + (S 2 /n) ½ for all i = 1, 2, …, n-1, and y n = n - (n - 1)y 1 Then, the new random data y i 's are surrogate data having the same mean and variance as the original data set. Therefore, by generating the surrogate data for each sample, one can perform the standard ANOVA test. The results are identical. You might like to use ANOVA for Condensed Data for your computation and experimentation....
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