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FINAL Q's - 19 Emulsification of fats 20 Histological...

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1. Semen % from where 2. LH 3. FSH (feedback inhibition) 4. Estrogen 5. Progesterone 6. Testisterone 7. Fornixes of Vagina 8. Orientation of Uterus 9. Pouch of Douglas 12. ERCP picture with markers 13. Histology GIT picture with markers 14. Gastric glands with secretions (chief, parietal, G and Mucus neck cells) 15. ERCP picture with obstructions and their effects 16. Lining of epithelium of GIT 17. Components of small intestines 18. Monosachhardies, disaccharides, proteins, fat structure, and definitions
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Unformatted text preview: 19. Emulsification of fats 20. Histological components of GIT along with detail of the subdivisions 21. Right & Left Thoracic Duct. Origin and termination 22. Immunoglobulins with sub-types and their salient features 23. Infectious agents associated with lymphatic system 24. Structure and plan of Lymphatic system 25. T Lymphocytes vs. B Lymphocytes 26. Subtypes of T Lymphocytes with nomenclature 27. Virilization, Hirsutism, Cryptorchidism,...
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