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Eng 209 Motai Schedule and Assignments to the End of the Semester Tuesday, May 5 : Due: Summary/Reflection paper for Reading #2 OR #”3. Include the summary at the beginning of your reflection (not on a separate sheet of paper). 1. Discuss Article #3 “Technology May Threaten Society”, Study Questions. 2. Go over Essay #3 Writing Assignment Assignment for Thursday, May 7 : Fill out handout on Readings #2 and #3: Comparison/Contrast (will pass out in class 5/5). Thursday, May 7 : 1. Conference sign-ups 2. Discuss comparison/contrast of ideas in Reading #2 and #3. 3. Discuss writing the thesis for Essay 3# 4. Discussion possible organization patterns Assignment for Tuesday, May 12 : Write the first draft of Essay #3. Fill out the outline on p. 172 after writing the 1 st draft. Bring it to your conference with me. At your conference, you will receive a copy of the article you will write on for the final. Conferences: Tuesday, May 12 AM/PM, Wednesday, May 13 , Thursday, May 14
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Unformatted text preview: PM only . There are no TA Workshops for Essay #3. Assignment for Thursday, May 14 : Read the article for the Final Exam, passed out at conferences. Tuesday, May 12 : Conferences only: No class. Thursday, May 14 : Last day of instruction. 1. Discussion of article for Final. Final Exam: Thursday, May 21, 8:30-10:30. You must write in an Exam Book that has been signed before you start writing. Essay #3 is due, with portfolio, at the Final Exam. No lates can be accepted for this essay. Our TA, Moon, will be proctoring the exam. She will not be able to accept late portfolios/essays; she must receive them at the exam. Notes: • All re-writes are due on the final day of class, May 14. • If you will not pass Eng 209 I will email you. If you do not hear from me, your next class requirement will be Eng 310. [Although this rarely occurs, if you have very serious grammar problems, I may require that you repeat Eng 212 with Eng 310.]...
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