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Writer_______________________ Peer Reader:_____________________ PEER EVALUATION SHEET Essay # 1 After you have read your partners drafts, write specific answers to the questions below. Keep your tone positive, but give helpful suggestions for improvement of the essay. 1. Does the introduction introduce the topic of the essay in an interesting way? The first sentence makes the topic of the essay pretty clear. I think to make the introduction more useful and interesting to the reader after the first sentence you could briefly state what each side thinks; not in detail but just to give a general idea. Thesis: Do you have a clear understanding of the writer’s position and the points s/he wants to make about it after reading the thesis ? I think that you will argue that media violence is harmful, so that’s clear. I kind of know why—because it causes negative behavior. But I think the thesis needs to be more specific. What kinds of negative behavior will you focus on in your essay? If you state that
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SP_09_Example_PEER_EVALUATION_SHEET_Essay_2 - Writer_ Peer...

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