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Writer_______________________ Peer Reader:_____________________ PEER EVALUATION SHEET Essay #_________ After you have read your partners drafts, write specific answers to the questions below. Keep your tone positive, but give helpful suggestions for improvement of the essay. 1. Does the introduction introduce the topic of the essay in an interesting way? Thesis: Do you have a clear understanding of the writer’s position and the points s/he wants to make about it after reading the thesis? 2. ( P ) Does each paragraph have a clear topic sentence that makes the point of the paragraph clear? 3. ( I ) Does the writer have sufficient supporting information—general examples ,
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Unformatted text preview: paraphrases (or quotations) from the readings, a related experience that is personal (only one per essay)-- that relate to the point? Do any paragraphs need further development by adding information? 4. ( E ) Does the writer explain clearly how the examples, experience and/or paraphrases or quotations used relate to the point of the paragraph? 5. Evaluate the organization. Does the paper “hang together” as a whole (seem well-connected?) How can the writer strengthen the connections between ideas in the essay? STRENGTHS TO WORK ON FURTHER...
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