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Eng 209 Motai PEER REVIEW EXAMPLE Essay #2 The Effects of Media Violence Media Violence is a controversial topic today. Some people feel it is harmful and some people think it is helpful. From my point of view I think there are some positive effects but mostly it’s harmful because it causes a lot of negative behavior in today’s world. The first negative effect of media violence is that it causes children to be aggressive. Children watch a lot of violence when they watch TV, according to Helen Phillips
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Unformatted text preview: in “On-Screen Media Are Changing the Human Brain.” She reported on a study by Jeffrey Johnson that showed that “Every hour of children’s television portrays between 20 and 25 aggressive acts” (P. 18). I personally have observed this in watching my young nephews, although my nieces are not like this. The boys always wrestle while they watch cartoons with a lot of violence, and someone usually ends up crying or even getting hurt....
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