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Eng 209 Motai Study Questions: “Technology May Threaten Society,” by Will Knight Word/phrases to know: to speculate (2) a sinister prospect (2) contentious (3) realm (3) to mutate (3) cloning (3) to be annihilated (3) autonomous (4) futile (4) with our blessing (6) to pan out (7) machines will inherit the earth (10) in a nutshell (12) hubris (13) 2. What are science fiction writer Issac Asimov’s 4 laws of robotics? (2) Later in the article there is an opinion stated about whether these will be helpful in protecting humans against intelligent machines (AI). Who states this opinion, and what does he say? 3. What is Moore’s law? (3) What did Kurzweil state in the article “Future Technology…” that reflects a similar
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Unformatted text preview: idea? 4. What are some of the reasons cited in the article that might make technology a threat to humans? 5. When you personally reflect on the issue of AI—machines with power and control over humans, or perhaps even superiority—what problems do you see occurring? What benefits, if any? 6. Imagine your life today. How would it be changed if machines had control over each of your daily activities— in other words, if you had to check with a machine with superior intelligence each time you wanted to do something? Which activities might it affect? What decisions might be made that you don’t like? Use your imagination!...
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