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Eng 209 Motai Discussion Questions for “On-screen Media Are Changing the Human Brain,” by Helen Phillips List unfamiliar vocabulary/concepts: 1. The author, science journalist Helen Phillips, gives an overview of the effects of media on the brain. List these (P. 1—4): Positive effects: Negative effects: 2. What makes us “who we are”? (P. 5) 3. What position does the author take on TV and violence in P. 6? 4. What point does the author seem to be proving in Paragraphs 7—10. Does this surprise you? Why do you think the author organizes her article in this way? 5. Are John Murray’s (P. 13) conclusions about TV violence and children reliable? Why?
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Why is it difficult to make a direct connection between TV/Video Game violence and aggressive behavior? (P. 15, 17). 7. What areas of the brain are affected by exposure to violent images, and what does each area control? (P. 19-20). 8. What are the three areas of effects of media violence? (P. 21-22). Define each of these. 9. What can weaken the effects of viewing media violence? 10. On the basis of the information in the article, do you feel convinced that watching TV and playing violent video games produces aggression in people? What points convinced you or which points did not convince you....
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U2_Media_and_the_Brain_Disc_Ques - 6. Why is it difficult...

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