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reading and quiz - HUMAN BIOLOGY Spring 2011 BIOLOGY 100-08...

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HUMAN BIOLOGY – Spring 2011 BIOLOGY 100-08 W 4:10 – 6:55 TH 329 Instructor : Heather Murdock, Office Hours : HH217, W 2:10 – 4:00 and by appt. Please come to office hours for questions. I much prefer to answer questions in person rather than through email. Reading : I have composed a reader called Fundamentals of Human Biology that you can purchase through: I decided to type up my notes rather than have you buy expensive textbooks, but if you feel that you still need more in depth coverage of the material there are at least 2 Human Biology text books in the bookstore under different sections ( Human Biology 8 th ed, by Starr and McMillan, and Biology of Humans: Concepts, Applications, and Issues, 3rd edition by Goodenough & McGuire). Human Biology – a Visual Guide by Beverly McMillan is listed as optional in the bookstore under my sections as well. It is cheaper than a textbook and has great pictures/diagrams of what we will be covering (very helpful if you are a visual learner since my reader doesn’t have many graphics). There are plenty of Human Biology books in the public libraries as well. Other required materials : 3 Scantron test forms (882-E) for each exam, No. 2 pencil COURSE PHILOSOPHY : Biology 100 is designed for non-biology majors to fulfill the General Education requirement in Physical and Biological Sciences Area (Segment II, Category B). It is presented with the idea that this may be the first college-level science course you have taken and is designed to give students a strong background in the foundations of biological sciences while focusing on the physiological processes in humans. GRADING : Letter grades will be based on the total points accumulated during the course. Points possible will be distributed as follows: Two midterm exams (100 points ea) 200 points Study Guides for exams (10 points ea) 30 points Five Quizzes (10 points ea) 50 points Final exam 100 points Total possible: 380 points Letter grades will be assigned on the scale: +90% = A- to A
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This note was uploaded on 10/07/2011 for the course BIOL 100 taught by Professor Dowdy during the Spring '08 term at S.F. State.

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reading and quiz - HUMAN BIOLOGY Spring 2011 BIOLOGY 100-08...

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