Lecture 37 - Globalization

Lecture 37 - Globalization - Outline The State and...

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Outline: The State and Democracy in a Globalizing World - Globalization - Sources of Globalization - Five Dimensions of Globalization - Political Globalization (and lack thereof) - Implications of Globalization on Domestic Governance - Implications of Globalization for the State - Implications of Globalization for democracy Defining Globalization - Globalization: The expanding scale, growing magnitude, speeding up and deepening impact of transnational flows and patterns of cross-national interaction (from economic to social to cultural to criminal) - The impact on national governance - Economic Globalization: the integration of national economies into the international economy through: o Trade o Direct foreign investment and other capital flows o International flows of workers o Flows of technology - Implication: o Developments in one region can rapidly come to have significant consequences for the security and well0being of communities in quite distant regions of the globe - Why are we talking about globalization? o
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Lecture 37 - Globalization - Outline The State and...

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