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1 HTM 458 Hospitality Management Revenue & Cost Controls Course Syllabus Semester: Spring 2011 Class Meetings: Tuesday & Thursday 2:10pm-3:25pm Location: TH 327 Instructor: Bo H. Ferns, Ph.D. Office: SCI 354 Office Phone: 415-338-6085 E-Mail: [email protected] Office Hours: T & Th 12:15- 2:00pm Th 9:00-9:30am Course Description SFSU Bulletin: The uniform system of accounts used in the hospitality industry. Yield management; room rates; food, beverage, and labor cost control. Course Objectives 1. To gain an understanding of financial concepts and principles and to know how to use them effectively in the decision-making framework of hospitality businesses; 2. To have an overview of three basic financial statements in the context of the hospitality businesses; 3. To apply the key aspects of managerial accounting and quantitative analysis to evaluate the performance of hospitality related businesses to achieve business objectives and superior business performance over industry competitors; 4. To understand forecasting methods and to be able to apply the concepts to real life situations and/or case studies; and 5. To understand the basics of cash budgeting, operations budgeting, and capital budgeting in hospitality businesses. Course Prerequisites Students are required to have prior understanding of basic concepts in accounting covered in the courses listed under the prerequisites in order to officially enroll in this course. The prerequisite for this course is ACCT 101. Textbook Hospitality Industry Managerial Accounting (6 th edition). Schmidgall, R. S., Educational Institute, AHLA Course Evaluation Homework (5 points x 10) 50 points Exam 1 100 points Exam 2 100 points Final Exam 50 points Total Possible Points 300 points Grading Scale 94 -100% = A 80-83% = B- 67-69% = D+ 90 - 93% = A- 77-79% = C+ 64-66% = D 87 - 89% = B+ 74-76% = C 60-63% = D- 84 - 86% = B 70-73% = C- 0 - 59% = F Lecture Notes and In-class Practice Questions The lecture note and accompanying in-class practice questions for each chapter will be posted in iLearn before class. It is the students’ responsibility to bring a hard copy to class. The lecture note is written to assist the students’ understanding of the content in the textbook. The students should read the textbook in
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2 preparation for homework assignments and exams. The instructor intends to explain the in-class practice question during lecture. Solutions to these questions will NOT be distributed to the students. It is very important that the students attend each class and solve the practice questions in class. If a student misses a class by any reason, it is his/her responsibility to find the solutions through peer classmates. If a student does not fully understand a question in class, he/she is welcome to take advantage of the office hours to discuss it with the instructor. Homework
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HM458_Syllabus_Spring_2011[1] - HTM 458 Hospitality...

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