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Unformatted text preview: Computer Hardware Computer What is Data? What The smallest form of Data is a BIT BIT (0 or 1) BYTE (8 bits) Kilobyte Megabyte Gigabyte Terabyte Examples of Media Examples CD ROM – 740 MB DVD (Single Layer) – 4.7GB DVD (Dual Layer) – 8.5GB Physical vs. Virtual Physical Physical – something is physically present Physical present Virtual – acts as it’s own entity Virtual System Board (Motherboard) System Where are the components are connected Where together together Components of System Board Components Central Processing Unit (CPU) BIOS System BUS and Interface Slots Memory Ports Peripheral Devices (Hard Drives, etc) CPU – Central Processing Unit CPU Most important component Measured in HERTZ (HZ) 4 Critical Functions of the CPU BIOS (Basic Input Output System) BIOS Runs POST Runs Checks devices Checks Determines BOOT Order If okay, sends to operating system BIOS BIOS BIOS – Boot Order Change BIOS System BUS and Interface Slots System Highway of data 32 bit vs 64 bit systems Interface Slots allow you to add Interface components that connect straight into the BUS BUS Interface Card Types PCI Express Interface Cards PCI Memory and Cache Memory Internal Memory is used for temporary storage storage ROM Type Memory is non-volatile All Internal Memory is RAM based All (Random Access Memory) (Random Different types of Memory: RAM Chips RAM Determine how many SLOTS you have May have to take out memory to add to May the total the Allows you to quickly upgrade and speed Allows up your system up Should double the minimum requirement Should of the OS of Maximum Memory Memory Cont. Memory Level 1 Cache (“hidden stash”) Level 2 Cache RAM Chips – removable chips that you can add RAM or remove or Hard Drive Page File – Page Thrashing – Thrashing Memory (cont) Memory Flash Memory – External Memory IS used for permanent storage Programmable Memory Solid State Solid Ports Ports Serial Ports Serial Parallel Ports Parallel USB 2.0 – 480 mbps Transfer Rate Firewire – 400 mbps Transfer Rate Bluetooth – Wireless Port Can you Guess What this Is? Can The first 4.4 MB Hard Drive in 1956 flown in from IBM Peripherals – Hard Drives Peripherals Hard Drives – a head is used to write on Hard magnetic plates magnetic Permanent Data – storage Computer creates a table for the data on Computer your hard drive your Logical (virtual) vs. Physical Drives Peripherals – Hard Drives (cont) Peripherals RAID - Redundant Array of Independent Disks Disks RAID Configurations – striping/parity RAID Level 0 RAID Level 1 RAID Level 5 RAID RAID 0 Illustration RAID RAID 1 Illustration RAID RAID 5 Illustration RAID Solid State Drives (SSD) Solid • Faster Start-up and Seek times (no spin-up) • Completely Silent (only fan noise) • Less Energy Consumption Server Virtualization Server Concept of running many servers inside Concept one physical server one “Share” hardware resources Newest GREEN technology Saves in maintenance costs Peripherals - Printers Peripherals Dot Matrix – reports, some hotels use for Dot folio printing folio Laser Printers – measured “page per Laser minute” minute” Ink Jet Printers - expensive Digital Multi-Functional Devices ...
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