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Unformatted text preview: Interfaced Systems 3rd Party Interfaces CRS/Reservations Systems Sales Systems F&B POS Systems Front Office/ PMS Server Financial Systems Property Operations/ Facilities Systems PMS Interfaces PMS Interfaces ► Want seamless, integrated and centralized system of charges in PMS ► Acts as a translator ► How do you interface? Interfaces Serial Interfaces Serial Interfaces Serial Interfaces Serial Interfaces Serial Interfaces Serial Interfaces TCP/IP Interfaces TCP/IP Why is Interfacing so Hard? Why is Interfacing so Hard? ► #1 Hotel IT technology headache in 2008 Hotel Technology Survey ► The technical problem is complex ► Buying decisions are uncoordinated ► Every vendor focuses on only a small part of the hotel’s technology puzzle Interface Types Interface Types ► One­Way Interface vs. Two Way Interface ► What can go wrong if they are down? Interface Ticket Last Week Interface Ticket Last Week ► WR#10416875 3/23/2011 @ 11:09:55 pm ­ interfaces no response from pms – @11:46:29 pm Are unable to close to a room again. When they try to close they receive the message "No response from PMS ► WR#10436239 3/28/11 @ 1:06pm – "No Response From PMS Computer" ­ Site is currently unable to perform room charges. Exact error message is no response from PMS computer. Most Critical Interfaced 3rd Party Most Critical Interfaced 3 Systems ► POS System Can have multiple POS Terminals, Outlets ► Call Accounting System 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Cont. Call Accounting Cont. Call Accounting Guest Makes Outside Call PBX Sends Call Record File CAS does price look up CAS send revised Call Record File to PMS PMS Posts to Guest Room How Can Hotel Managers Utilize How Can Hotel Managers Utilize CAS More Effectively?! ► Cannot price gouge our guests anymore Key Card Systems Key Card Systems ► Electronic Key System Hard Wired Micro­fitted (bar code, sequence, time to live) RFID What does it mean to be “interfaced” with PMS? What is an employee validator and why do we need one? Security benefits of electronic key cards The Evolution of the Physical Door Lock P hysical Mechanical Micro Fitted 15 “Online” Doors RFID and Online ? “Co ntac tle s s ” RFID Rapid Ado ptio n – 45% o f NEW 16 Multiple Fo rm Fac to r Optio ns Providing the Ultimate Convenience for your Guests Ke yc ards Lo yalty Card Fo bs and Wris tbands 17 NFC (Ne ar Fie ld Co mmunic atio n) Bypassing the Front Desk with Online RFID with On the day of arrival, a guest can… 1 Check­in Online 2 Receive email / SMS with room number 3 Go directly to their room using a “personal keycard” De liv ring Co nv nie nc e to Lo al Gue ts us ing the o w e r f Te hno lo g y De liv ee ring Co nv ee nie nc e to Lo yy alGue ssts us ing the pp o w e roo fTe cc hno lo g y Online Door Locking System Online Door Locking System ► The future of 2 way communication to door locks and more ► Zigbee Why Online? Why Online? What are limitations of “OFFLINE” Key Card Systems? ► ► ► ► ► ► ► Audit Trail: Need to travel to each lock to retrieve audit trail Lock re­programming: Need to travel to each lock to reprogram Battery change: Need to travel to each lock to identify low battery status and change them Central Card Cancellation: Need to travel to each lock Extended Guest Stay: Need to re­encode the guest card Very limited employee tracking capabilities Limited security features: Door ajar alarm, Wandering/Sequential intruder alarm Online EMS Systems Online EMS Systems ► Can utilize Zigbee Parking Systems ­ Interfaces Parking Systems ­ Interfaces ► One of the largest profit margins if managed correctly ­ $40­50 per night in San Francisco Minibar Systems Minibar Systems Minibar systems have evolved Phone connected or cable connected systems are one way interfaces Zigbee connected In Room Movie Systems In Room Movie Systems ► Two Way Interface ► Allows for check out and folio review from the TV Screen ...
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