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Unformatted text preview: Point of Sales Systems Point of Sales Systems Food and Beverage Applications What is POS? What is POS? ► Cash Register Replacements ► Retail and F&B ► As a “sale” is made, the transaction is recorded which trigger other functions What Hotel Personnel Uses What Hotel Personnel Uses POS? ► Restaurant Server, Restaurant Cashier, Room Service Order Taker, Room Service Server, Banquet Supervisor or Manager, F&B Manager or Director, Night Audit, Finance General Ledger, Catering Manager, Gift Shops, Beverage Manager, Corporate Office Top 5 Reasons to Purchase a POS Top 5 Reasons to Purchase a POS ► ► ► ► 5) Reduce or eliminate Pricing and Math Errors 4) Speed up Service and Efficiency 3) Employee Theft 2) Enhanced Reporting About your Operations 1) More Competitively Market Your Business TRACK – Sales, Costs, Productivity TRACK – Sales, Costs, Productivity ► Track sales ► Understand your menu ► Best selling items ► Productivity of the servers ► Labor analysis based on sales ► Hotel multiple outlets vs. Restaurants Security and Control Security and Control ► POS System is ID Based – track activity ► Swipe card vs. Login Code ► No Sales ► Other Popular Schemes Automation Automation ► POS System is Networked ► Auto Routing ► Host Table Management ► Credit Card Authorizations ► Centralized reports ► Gift Certificate Tracking ► Scheduling Host and Paging Examples Host and Paging Examples Host Systems Host Systems Host Seating (wait list) Host Seating (wait list) POS Terminals POS Terminals ► Cashier Terminal vs. Check Terminal ► Menu Overlay Board Terminal Preset Keys Price Lookup Keys Function Keys Settlement Keys Modifier Keys Numeric Keys POS Terminals (cont) POS Terminals (cont) ► Touch Screen Systems ► Can have “overlay” keys on it ► “Wizard” will prompt the user ► Remote “stand alone” terminals Printers Printers ► Guest Check Printers ► Hard Checks Printers ► Soft Check Printers ► Workstation Printers Reports Reports ► Sales and Payment Summary Report ► Sales by Time of Day Report ► Daily Transactions Report Trends in F&B Systems Trends in F&B Systems ► Wireless Handheld Devices for Ordering and Entering ► Pay at table – more secure Credit Card Skimming Credit Card Skimming ► Restaurants – 70% of all cases! ► Gas Stations – 14% ► Hotels – 5% ► Car Rentals – 1% ► ALL Other – 10% Skimming Device Skimming Device POS Systems – “Hackers Goldmine” POS Systems – “Hackers Goldmine” ► Credit card data resides on all of the thousands of POS terminals out there ► Chipotle Mexican Grill had to pay $5.5 million in 2004 ► Visa started the CISP program which later turned into PCI­DSS. Hotels struggle to be “PCI Compliant” ► $500,000 fine PER INCIDENT – Also revoke payment as an option ► Credit Card Masking, Default Password Trends (cont) Trends (cont) ► Saas Software as a Service Benefits? ► RFID Pour control Interface with POS POS VENDORS – MICROS POS VENDORS – MICROS ► Advantage of Fully Integrated POS/PMS ► Micros – Largest POS System ► RES3000 ► HMS 9700 ► Simphony ► 150,000 Systems installed world wide ► 22 Million a year on R&D Micros 9700 for Hotels Micros 9700 for Hotels Please sign in ! Please sign in ! Micros 9700 for Hotels Micros 9700 for Hotels ► Windows based for the 1st time ► Proven large­scale installations Safeco Field Atlantis Bahamas Venetian 320 Terminals 240 Terminals 120 Terminals Micros 9700 Touch Screen Micros 9700 Touch Screen Open Table System Open Table System ► Online reservation has become very powerful tool for restaurants ► Users earn “points” ► How does Open Table make money? ► Real Time technology ► Spotlight program ► Restaurant Resentment http://insidescoopsf.sfgate.com/incanto/2010/1 0/18/is­opentable­worth­it/ Open Table (cont) Open Table (cont) ► Across 15,000 member restaurants, the average restaurant pays OpenTable $515 each month. ► This $515 consists of $281 in monthly subscriptions charges and $234 in monthly reservation booking fees ...
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