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Role_of_the_IT_Manager_Revised - Role of the IT Manager...

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Unformatted text preview: Role of the IT Manager Role of the IT Manager Network Stability/Administration Network Stability/Administration ► Measured on the amount of “downtime” ► Downtime today = halt in operations ► Create a stable environment ► Administration – manage, create, delete users and resource permissions Hardware/Software Purchases and Hardware/Software Purchases and Installation ► All technology related purchases go through IT first ► Determine “standard” for the hotel ► Work with vendors to drive lowest pricing ► Licensing! $750­$30,000 fine for copyright issues Ensuring Compliance Ensuring Compliance ► PCI Compliance ► Sarbanes Oxley ► Internal Hotel Policies for compliance Create Backup Systems for Critical Create Backup Systems for Critical Data ► In case of hardware failure or natural disaster, must be able to recover data such as: Payroll Info Guest Folio Info Sales Contracts and Data Financials Create Innovative Business Create Innovative Business Solutions ► Make life more efficient and easier for guests and users ► Know and understand the business needs of both ► Ex) Roaming GSA, Kiosks, Intranets, Data Mgmt Solutions and Support for Solutions and Support for External Customers ► Manage installation and support for HSIA ► Wired and wireless installations for groups and guest rooms ► Dynamic guest solutions – interactive concierge touchscreen ► iPhone applications, other room controls Certification Certification ► CHTP – Certified Hotel Technology Professional ► Recognized by meeting planners and hotels ► HiTec – Annual Conference for IT Mgrs and hotel managers and owners. ...
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