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Chapter_3_Discussion_Questions - GROUP 1 1 The Civil Rights...

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GROUP 1 1.) The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is also known as Title VII. The book calls it “The Act.” Who is protected under this law and what are they protected from? 2.) Those protected by Title VII are only protected in certain places. What are they? 3.) There must be interstate commerce presenting order for Title VII to apply. What does this mean and why is it required? 4.) Is all discrimination illegal? GROUP 2 5.) A trailer park opens on the coast in California. It allows people to rent spaces by the season and requires a one month minimum stay. The owner decides that he does not want to allow anyone of Irish decent to stay there so he bans them. Is his action legal under federal law? 6.) The owner of the trailer park in #5 claims that because he owns the land it is “private property” and he can do as he pleases with regard to disallowing people of Irish decent to stay. Is his argument viable? 7.) The owner also claims that because he has a one month minimum stay he is not like a “hotel” in that his guests are providing their own “shelter,” the trailer. As such, he should not be covered by federal anti-discrimination laws on this basis. Is he correct? 8.) Joe opens a taco stand on the beach in So. Cal. Patrons can sit at one of the half dozen tables in front of it to enjoy their meals. He claims that in the interest of preserving his national heritage he will only serve Latinos. Is this legal under federal law? GROUP 3 9.) Joe decides to restructure his taco business. He eliminates the tables in front of the building. Instead, he decides to focus on a delivery service similar to a pizza delivery only for tacos. He also has a take out window with a limited menu where patrons can get a single item to go, tacos al pastor. Many of these patrons stand in
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front of the building and eat their tacos al pastor. Joe is aware of this. Is it legal under federal law for Joe to refuse to sell tacos to people who phone in take out orders because they speak with a “foreign” accent? 10.) Because Joe is partial to a nice dark tan, he also decides that he will not serve fair skinned people, blonds or redheads. Is this legal under federal law?
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Chapter_3_Discussion_Questions - GROUP 1 1 The Civil Rights...

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