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Joe decides to open a coffee shop in the central valley of California. He is very excited about his new logo. A copy is attached hereto. He prominently displays it on all marketing materials including a huge sign in front of this business. It’s not long before he is making thousands of dollars a day. Joe hires a local artist to paint a mural on one of the interior walls. The artist agrees to do so and produces a beautiful pastoral scene. Joe is so impressed that he takes a photograph of it and has the images reproduced on is menus. He gets so many compliments on them that he decides to blow the image up to a poster size and sell them as well. Before long, he is making an excellent source of revenue form the poster sales. Wanting to create a soothing environment to enjoy coffee, Joe decides he needs some music. He goes to an electronics store and buys a DVD player. He places it on the counter in his café where it fills the room with the lovely sounds of jazz. Because nothing is easy when starting a business Joe is expecting a few complications. What he did not expect, however, was that Starbucks threatened to sue him over his logo, the artist who painted his mural is threatening to sue him for using a likeness of it on the menus and posters, and one of the artists produced the jazz CD Joe likes to play in his café says he can’t use it anymore and threatens to sue if he does. Within days Joe is threatened with losing his logo, his menus and posters as well as the ability to play the jazz he likes in his café. If this happens, he is afraid he will have to close his successful business. 1.
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Chapter_15_Questions - Joe decides to open a coffee shop in...

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