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LEGAL ASPECTS OF HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT HM 120 HM 120.01 Spring Semester 2009 Wednesday, 19:00 – 21:45 SAN FRANCISCO STATE UNIVERSITY Hospitality Management Department Instructors: Jordan Lavinsky, Esq. and John Crossfield, Esq. Office Hours: After Class FINAL PAPER HANDOUT Twenty-five per cent of your course grade will be based on the final paper. The purpose of this hand out is to give you guidance on the following matters relating to it: 1.) General philosophy behind this course requirement 2.) Topic guidance 3.) Grading criteria General Philosophy Behind This Course Requirement The main idea behind doing the term paper is to give you the opportunity to personally relate the information studied in the course to you career goals as well as to simulate a "real world" dynamic. It is not meant to be a mechanical exercise where you are required to grind out eight or more pages of dispassionate text. In the "real world" you will most likely be working for an entity in the hospitality industry where you have a boss or a direct supervisor who assigns you projects. Sometimes those projects are very task specific and defined for you. More often than not,
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