Exam_3_Topics - 23. Right to know 24. Organizational...

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Exam 3 Topics 1. White and Blue Collar Union Membership 2. The changing status of unions over time 3. Wagner Act 4. Taft Hartley Act 5. Norris- LaGuardia Act 6. Landrum-Griffin Act 7. Civil Service Reform Act 8. The Governmental Adjustment Act 9. Union Elections 10. Union Organizing 11. Certifying a union 12. Craft and Industrial Unions 13. Decertification 14. Bargaining issues 15. Negotiation strategies 16. Mediation 17. Arbitration 18. Roles of the NLRB 19. The different kinds of strikes 20. Non-union grievance procedures 21. MSDS 22. Role of OSHA
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Unformatted text preview: 23. Right to know 24. Organizational stressors 25. Social readjustment rating scale 26. EAP 27. Ergonomics 28. Calculate Turnover 29. Costs associated with turnover 30. Ways to reduce turnover 31. Retention programs 32. Approaches to discipline 33. An Appeals Process 34. Public Policy 35. Exit Interviews 36. Social Responsibility 37. 4 step approach to solid waste management 38. Different approaches to business ethics 39. Rules and ethics plans 40. Changes in Social responsibility...
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Exam_3_Topics - 23. Right to know 24. Organizational...

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