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Hospitality Human Resource Management HM 560 Section 2 Course Syllabus and Class Schedule Fall 2010 Monday 7:00 – 9:45 PM HSS 130 Instructor: Ric Edgar, SPHR-CA Office: Business 349 Office/Cell Phone: 415-235-4070 E-Mail: [email protected] or [email protected] Office Hours: Mondays from 6 – 7 PM or by appointment Course Description: SFSU 2009-10 Bulletin: Policies and practices in hospitality human resources management. Functions of the personnel department in planning, recruiting, selection, performance appraisal, information systems, and recent legal issues. Course Objectives: 1. To gain an understanding of what Human Resource leadership in the service industry entails 2. To understand the strategic importance of the HR function in the service industry 3. To learn the language of HR 4. To understand the issues associated with the attraction, selection, retention, and development of human resources 5. To learn what an HR manager in the service industry does and what issues they deal with in today’s world 6. To better appreciate the issues of human resources in the context of all management roles and responsibilities in the service industry 7. To gain an understanding of the communication tools used in the human resource function of a service industry operation Required Text: Woods, Robert H., Managing Hospitality Human Resources , (Fourth Edition), 2006 Class Format: The class will be a combination of lectures, class discussions, and group presentations/exercises with the emphasis on class participation. The class sessions will be augmented by guest speakers, videos, DVDs, and other resources as appropriate. Grading:
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Grading is on a straight scale based on your total points earned; however, the instructor will evaluate the final distribution of points and will make every attempt to avoid having someone miss a higher grade by only 1 point. The scale is as follows: 488-525 = A 472-487 = A- 456-471 = B+ 435-455 = B 420-434 = B- 404-419 = C+ 383-403= C 367-382= C- 315-366= D 314 and below =F Grade Components: Component Points Exams (3 exams of 100 points each) 300 Scantron form 882-E will be required for all exams Resume and Cover letter 100 (50 points each) Daily quiz (1 question from a current lecture topic) 125 Scantron form 882-E will be required for all quizzes Total Points 525 Exams – Total Points = 300 (100 points each):
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Hospitality_Human_Resource_Management_Syllabus_Fall_2010 -...

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