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HM 110 Introduction to Hospitality Management Fall 2009 Instructor: Mehmet Ergul, PhD. BUS 343 – (415) 405-2404 e-mail: [email protected] Office Hours: Mondays 10AM-11AM, Tue-Thu 9.30AM-11AM or by appointment. Class Hours and Location: MWF 9.10AM – 10.00AM at HSS 154 Course Description: A survey of trends and developments in hospitality industry; including a total approach to lodging operations, global travel and tourism business and foodservice establishments. Course Objectives: Upon the completion of course students should be able to: Acquire an overview of the hospitality industry. Distinguish between categories of hospitality industry. Discuss and differentiate the importance of and types of hospitality products. Understand the major elements involved in hospitality industry. Required Text(s): - Introduction to Hospitality Management, J.R.Walker by Prentice Hall. - Reading Materials to be assigned by (E-Reserve) by Dr.Ergul. Recommended Text - Introduction to Foodservice, Tenth Edition by J.Payne- Course Policies and Requirements* Class Participation and Attendance: Students are expected to attend each class session. Additionally, active participation of students is expected in each class session which will be a part of their final grades. Quizzes and Homework : Both announced and unannounced quizzes and HW’s may be given throughout the course. Those will cover assigned reading materials, lectures, handouts and other materials that are discussed in classroom. Homework will be announced from “I-learn” therefore students are expected to have an access to internet with a valid SFSU e-mail account and password.
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Tests: There will be 2 Tests which will be a part of the grading component for this class. Project:
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HM110Syllfall09 - HM 110 Introduction to Hospitality...

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