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6 - Nuclear Fusion on Earth Nuclear Fusion involves...

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Nuclear Power Can be generated two ways Fission - Breaking apart a big nucleus, (like uranium) to produce smaller nuclei (like lead) Fusion - Combining small nuclei (like hydrogen) to form larger (like Helium) Nuclear Fission on Earth Nuclear Fission involves breaking large nuclei to produce energy. A Uranium nucleus can break in half, release energy. This is what happens in nuclear power plants. Fission of uranium and plutonium can also be used for bombs.
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Unformatted text preview: Nuclear Fusion on Earth Nuclear Fusion involves combining small nuclei. Hydrogen can be combined to make Helium. This is difficult to do in a controlled way. An Out-Of-Controlled fusion reaction is what happens in a Hydrogen Bomb If we can figure out how make controlled fusion, we will have a reliable and “clean” source of energy....
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