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Fission or Fusion? Start with light elements: use Fusion to produce energy Start with heavy elements: Use Fission to produce energy (If you start with IRON, you can’t produce any energy) Nuclear Fusion How it actually happens - For nuclear fusion to happen, 4 hydrogen nuclei (protons) must come together to become Helium. - It is unlikely for 4 protons to collide at once. - Instead, a Helium nucleus is built up in steps. - The first step is for one proton to fuse with another proton.
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Unformatted text preview: -So, the sequence of steps is called the proton-proton chain. The Proton-Proton Chain Stage 1: Proton can become a Neutron--Positron (Antimatter!) – A negative electron Stage 2: proton stick to a nucleus to become a nucleus with 2 protons (also produce Photon (light energy)) makes Helium 3 Stage 3: 2 protons 2 neutrons, 2 Helium 3 combine = Helium 4 is created + 2 Hydrogen’s. (6 protons)...
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