8 - -Where did that mass go?-Albert Einstein discovered...

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.Summary: Start with 4 Hydrogen and end with 1 Helium nucleus. (4 Hydrogen weigh more than one helium…) Where Stars Get Their Energy - The end product of nuclear fusion is the Helium nucleus - This is Helium is about 1% lighter than the 4 Hydrogen’s that made it up. - (Exact factor = 0.007 = 0.7%)
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Unformatted text preview: -Where did that mass go?-Albert Einstein discovered that mass ( m ) can be converted into energy ( E ) E=mc^2-c= is the speed of light-c=3X10^8 m/s so c2= 9X10^16 -A small amount of mass can produce a lot of energy Energy from Mass Example...
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