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10 - strong nuclear force-In the sun nuclear reactions...

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- The sun converts 4 million tons of matter to energy every second! - This is energy to equal 2 billion hydrogen bombs - (1 hydrogen bomb ~ 2 Megatons of TNT) - The sun has been shining for 5 billion years, all this time converting hydrogen to helium. - Fortunately, the Sun has enough Hydrogen “fuel” to keep “burning” for 5 billion more years. Nuclear Fusion - Normally protons (+) will repel each other. - But at very high temperature and pressure proton will collide and stick.
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Unformatted text preview: strong nuclear force-In the sun, nuclear reactions produce the form of gamma rays & x rays at the core, which make their way to the sun’s surface as visible light. -Also, Positrons a form of anti-matter are produced-When positrons touch electrons they disappear into pure energy!-Energy (E) is produced when mass (m) disappears.-The amount of the energy is given by E=mc^2 (Fusion powers all stars) The Sun: (Summary)-Size and Mass...
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