homework4 - controller represent a 3-bit number which...

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CS M51A / EE M16 Winter 2011 Homework #4 Problem 1: Design each code converter using a decoder and OR gates. (Only 1 part would appear on the quiz) a. BCD to seven-segment code b. 4-bit binary to 4-bit Gray code Problem 2: Design a combinational network that has a 3-bit input x, and a 3-bit output y. The function of the system is y = (5x) mod 8. Use only a decoder and an encoder. Problem 3: Design a 256-input multiplexer using 4-input multiplexers. How many multiplexers do you need? How many levels will you have? Problem 4: Implement the following function using (a) an 8-input multiplexer, (b) a 4- input multiplexer and NOR gates Z = a’b’c’d + a’bc’d + a’b’cd + ab’c’d + abcd + ab’cd’
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Problem 5: Design a controller to display an electronic die as shown below. Inputs to the
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Unformatted text preview: controller represent a 3-bit number, which indicates what is to be displayed. There are nine outputs, A - I, one for each of the dots. A dot will light when given a 1, and is unlit when given a 0. Use a decoder and OR gates. Problem 6: Implement a visual device which counts down for (a) 6-to-0 using the die (Problem 5) and (b) 9-to-0 using the 7-segment code (Problem 1). One input is given, Y. The device should count down when the 1-bit input Y = 1, and does not count when Y = 0. Use only D flip-flops and k-input multiplexers. (You can assume that you have the devices from Problem 1 and 5 available, specified using your design)....
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homework4 - controller represent a 3-bit number which...

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