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Unformatted text preview: EE102: Systems and Signals Class organization Instructor: Prof. Danijela Cabric, 56‐147C Eng. IV, danijela@ee.ucla.edu Teaching assistants: *Wesam Gabran wesamgobran@ucla.edu; **Mohsen Heidarinejad, mohsen@ee.ucla.edu Email for HW and Project related questions: ee102.cabric@gmail.comReader: TBDLecture: T‐R 10:00‐ 11:50 3400 Boelter Dicussions: *M 1:00‐1:50 5252 Boelter; **W 10:00‐10:50 156 Royce; **T 3:00‐3:50 1044 WGYOUNG; **F 11:00 ‐11:50 5280 Boelter; *F 3:00 ‐3:50 4283 Boelter Outside Study: 7 hrs/week. Office Hours: 2 hrs/week by instructor. 3 hrs/week by teaching assistants. Grading policy: Homeworks: 8 16 % Project: 1 8% Midterm: 1 30 % Final: 1 45 % Survey:1 1% Homeworks: 8 weekly homeworks assigned on Thursday, due at the end of the class on Thursday a week later. No late homeworks. Exams: Midterm: Feb 8th in class (closed book) Final: Mar 13th (closed book) ...
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