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102_1_EE102prerequisite - EE102 is a prerequisite for 110...

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EE102 is a prerequisite for: 110. Circuit Analysis II. Sinusoidal excitation and phasors, AC steady state analysis, AC steady state power, network functions, poles and zeros, frequency response, mutual inductance, ideal transformer, application of Laplace transforms to circuit analysis. 115A. Analog Electronic Circuits I. Review of physics and operation of diodes and bipolar and MOS transistors. Equivalent circuits and models of semiconductor devices. Analysis and design of single stage amplifiers. DC biasing circuits. Small signal analysis. Operational amplifier systems. 115C. Digital Electronic Circuits. Transistor level digital circuit analysis and design. Modern logic families (static CMOS, pass transistor, dynamic logic), integrated circuit (IC) layout, digital circuits (logic gates, flipflops/latches, counters, etc.), computer aided simulation of digital circuits. 113. Digital Signal Processing. Relationship between continuous time and discrete time signals. Z transform. Discrete Fourier transform. Fast Fourier transform. Structures for digital filtering.
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