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Scan0006 - II‘ yawn/H1111 nr http/www‘ggynga...

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Unformatted text preview: II‘ yawn/H1111 nr http://www‘ggynga. edu/people/facular/shopldns/dir/GEOGII1 l/Lectur... atial Heating: * land cools and warms more quickly than water, and to lower & higher T0 because: * water is more transparent while land is more opaque a: specific heat of water is 3X greater than land s.p. I the heat needed to raise 1 gm of a substance 10 C SO, .lvi- Jail/[Lad W W [MWJQ flimuptm/LW *mmm «ham Wig Wimfl Wfi’o We) me}; a Wane Mam WW} raiseT" *LW‘EQI W “V mvomm‘5m’”6oi:WnuD 0r Web/am OCCLLJS (9% 5461 + 6.10 ,93 liq) Geographic Setting & Position: * Proximity to water *Wl’ei T05 WWrg (Med 001'", MW Whig Ti? um! mat veg 03 mum Wm gimme-r“ Werer * ’ “a Locoflgxs m quaiv T“ -mm.mn new—2r *1 Sammer, ““0 HhLS 15 but; id”— O‘P Cofitimhhal ) * relationship to wind patterns, windward vs. leeward side of a continent * barriers to wind or moisture, i.e. mountains Ocean Currents: * will influence air temperatures of both the ocean area and adjoining land area where the current is located * warm currents: MUD, W ILQLF H6) Ta Mam-thrift if “Md be ”Ll-0W WM” “ix: (who Salem 4 Sam, $16103 * cold currents: MM, W4WW Tb moi/1m M We! a w/a in 2*: WM, W 4 as mt Chart 8/23/20119:21PM ...
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