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Scan0011 - EX Subtropical High(STH Polar High(PH WINDS...

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Unformatted text preview: EX: Subtropical High(STH) Polar High (PH) WINDS Wnfl hearts. Are dictated by: Pressure Gradient Force Coriolis Force Friction * On a global scale a simplified 3-cell model can be identified. But the interaction of these cells and overall weather processes create a more complex system of winds. (Know the major pressure belts/ cells: ITCZ, STH, SPL, PHP. Know whether the air is rising or sinking for each of these.) (Know the major wind patterns: Northeast and Southeast Trade Winds, Westerlies, Easterlies. Know at what latitudes they will be found and which direction they flow.) .____ -... M. “A. Imnnlnflhp lhrlclmnlzinq/diflGFOGl l l ULCCIUI... “hop: l/www. ggy uga. edtflpeople/faCIflly/shopkins/dir/GEOG1 11 Illecturu HihBelts: __g__0d€05 d3 Wm“ J, Mde, 0&us WUL ”W1? W6. 8/231’2011 9:22 PM ...
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