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MUS 2000 Final Notes

MUS 2000 Final Notes - Jazz Terms Bix Beiderbecke Louis...

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Counterpoint- Music flowing horizontally Miles Davis- Harmon mute next microphone gave distinct sound Concentrate on who played what Concentrate on Big Six Listening on final 80% post midterm Big Six in order: Louis Armstrong Duke Ellington Charlie Parker Miles Davis John Coltrane Bill Evans Order of powerpoints Reasons for Growth Early Origins Through Black Bottom Stomp
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Unformatted text preview: Jazz Terms Bix Beiderbecke Louis Armstrong Basie Through Benny Goodman Transition to Bebop Bebop Through West Coast Revised Hard Bop Through Miles Davis Ellington in the 1950’s Extensions of the Jazz Rhythm Section John Coltrane Jazz Rock Fusion Vocal Jazz Latin Jazz Current Trends...
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