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MUS QUIZ Midterm Notes

MUS QUIZ Midterm Notes - Ellington in the 1950’s John...

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16:44 MUS 2000 Midterm Listening Section: Selections 1-9 are early jazz. Selections 10-14 are swing period. Selections 15-18 are transitional period. Selections 19-20 are Bebop period. Selections 21-23 are West Coast period. All notes from the beginning of the class until now. -Reasons For Growth -Early Origins Through Black Bottom Stomp -Jazz Terms -Bix Beiderbecke -Louis Armstrong -Basie Through Bennie Goodman -Transition To Bebop -Bebop Through West Coast Revised MUS 2000 Quiz 3 Hard Bop Everything about Miles Davis
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Unformatted text preview: Ellington in the 1950’s John Coltrane Extensions Through the Rhythm Section Miles Davis is one of the most important Jazz composers ever. •Influential on Four Decades of Jazz –West Coast (w/ Gil Evans) –Hard Bop/Modal (Kind of Blue) –Post Bop (1963-68) –Jazz Rock/Fusion (Bitches Brew) •Trumpeter, composer, and bandleader. •Unmistakable sound. (Harmon) •Great use of space. His album, Kind of Blue is the most important and best-selling jazz record of all time....
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