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Chapter Learning Objectives Chapter 7: Energy Flow in the Life of a Cell 7.1 What is photosynthesis? Write a summary equation for photosynthesis Describe the structure of leaves and chloroplasts (listing all membranes and compartments) Describe the two main stages of photosynthesis in general terms 7.2 Light dependent reactions: how is light energy converted to chemical energy? Explain what happens when chlorophyll in an intact chloroplast absorbs photons of light List the components of the photosystems in the light-dependent reactions and explain the function of each Trace the movement of electrons through the photosystems in the light-dependent reactions Explain the function of chemiosmosis in the chloroplast 7.3 Light-independent reactions: how is chemical energy stored in glucose molecules?
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Unformatted text preview: • State the function of each of the four phases of the light-independent reactions • Describe the role of ATP and NADPH in the light-independent reactions 7.4 What is the relationship between light-dependent and light-independent reaction? • Know the steps of the light-dependent and light-independent reactions; Know the raw materials needed to start each phase and the products made by each phase (Figure 7.7) 7.5 Water, CO 2 , and the C 4 pathway • Describe what happens to rubisco when O 2 concentration is much higher than CO 2 concentration • Describe the major consequences of photorespiration • Describe how the C 4 pathway reduces photorespiration...
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