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10 Class Notes LA 1203 – Views of the American Landscape Yellowstone Middle Rockies Section, Rocky Mountain Physiographic Province •1832 George Catlin - 1858 Henry D. Thoreau - (1864 Yosemite - Abraham Lincoln) - 1869 John Wesley Powell –John Colter - Jim Bridger –Henry Washburn –2nd Lt. Doane –Judge Cornelius Hedges – Walter Trumbull (Journalist) –Nathaniel Pitt Langford (Sept. 29, 1870) – Truman C. Everts •1871 Ferdinand V. Hayden - William H. Jackson - Thomas Moran •March 1, 1872 U.S. Grant “… reserved and withdrawn from settlement…and dedicated and set apart as a public park or pleasuring-ground for the benefit and enjoyment of the people…” 1832 George Catlin - “What a beautiful and thrilling specimen for America to preserve and hold up to the view of her refined citizens and the world in future ages! A nation’s Park containing man and beast, in all the wild and freshness of their nature’s beauty!” 1858 H.D. Thoreau - Made a plea for “National Preserves, in which the bear, and the panther and some even of the hunter race may still exist, and not be civilized off the face of the earth - not for idle sport or food, but for inspiration and our own true recreation.” Yellowstone National Park is both our first and largest National Park covering 3,472 Square miles. The geyser basins occupy less than a tenth of the area. Yellowstone National Park has an area of 3,472 square miles (2 million acres) of some of the world’s most spectacular thermal wonders of geysers, hot springs, pools and many other natural landscapes. The week after Maj. John Wesley Powell emerged from his 1869 trip down the Colorado
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10_Class_Notes.docx - 10 Class Notes LA 1203 Views of the...

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