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Study Guide: Geography 1001, Section 2, Exam 4 Studying the terms and concepts in this list should help you be well-prepared for Exam Four on Thursday, May 13 th at 3:00 PM. The test will draw from the six class lectures on North America and Louisiana, including the documentary Cajun Crossroads and Alex’s guest lecture on Canada’s cultural and social geography, as well as Chapter Three of the text book. You may be asked to deduce some exam answers beyond the exact parameters of this study guide, but all test material will draw from the terms, concepts, events, and places listed below. There will be 50 multiple choice questions (at two points each), including five mapping questions and three two-point bonus questions and you will have 90 minutes to take the exam. Bring a number two pencil, large scantron sheet, and your student ID. The test is in our regular classroom -- Howe-Russell-Kniffen 130. A class review session will take place during the second half of our last class period on Thursday, May 6th. I will also hold “satellite” office hours in the Student Union on the Wednesday, May 12th for students who have questions as they prepare for the exam. Details will be given in class on Thursday, May 6th. Please do not digitally distribute copies of completed study guides to your classmates and also note this study guide is notably different than the one provided students for my fall version of the course. North America Terms, Concepts, Events, Places For mapping questions, you will need to know about the landforms (such as the Colorado Plateau), regions (such as the Manufacturing Belt), states, provinces, and cities (such as Nunavut
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Study_Guide_Exam_4_spring - Study Guide: Geography 1001,...

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