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3.4 Marginal Functions Warm-ups Suppose F(x) = g (- x 3 +4x), Find F’(1) if g’(3) = 6 The demand for the Sicard wristwatch is given by: X = f(p) = 10 sqrt((50-p)/p) (0<p< 50) Where x (measured in units of a thousand) is the quantity demanded each week and p is the unit price in dollars. Find the rate of change of the quantity demanded of the wristwatches with respect to the unit price when the unit price is $20. Note: f’(p) = -250 √(50-p) p 2 p Round to three decimal places and enter without the units -.510 The management of Acrosonic plans to market the ElectroStat, an electrostatic speaker system. The marketing department has determined that the demand for these speakers is p = -0.09x + 900 where p denotes the speaker’s unit price in dollars and x denotes the quantity demanded. The revenue function is:_? -0.09x + 900)(x) Acrosonic’s production department estimates that the total cost in dollars incurred in manufacturing x ElectroStat speaker systems in the first year of production will be
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3.4_Marginal_Functions_Elasticity_summer - 3.4 Marginal...

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