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MC2525 R EVIEW S HEET FOR E XAM #1: T UESDAY , F EBRUARY 23 Exam Format : In Class, 50 Multiple-choice and True/False Questions, Materials to be drawn from: - Lecture content from 1/19-2/18 - Borchers textbook: Ch 1, Ch 2 (pp. 35-41 only), Ch 3 (pp. 64-65 only), Ch 4 (omit 104-106) , Ch 5 (omit pp. 134-138), Ch 7 (187-191; 201-208 only) - Jamieson reading, The Persuaders video For the following terms, (1) know the definition, (2) understand the significance, and/or (3) be familiar with textbook AND lecture examples : Persuasion vs. Coercion vs. Violence Linear or Transmission model of communication Persuasion (definition, variables, contemporary characteristics), co-production of meaning, identification, strategies of identification Rhetoric, Aristotle: deliberative, forensic and epideictic speeches Components of persuasion, inartistic and artistic proof, ethos, pathos, logos Five canons of rhetoric, MLK’s “I have a Dream” speech—use of metaphor, parallelism,
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