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93. Primitive – boss & a number of people who go to the boss. Breaks down as you add more employees, products.. at some point, boss’s job is impossible. 94. everyone doing one thing, is in that department. Ex: everyone doing marketing is doing marketing. Within marketing, divide the group into more specialized groups. Technical expertise & efficiency. Disadvantage – won’t change quickly (coordination) Principle – keep it simple stupid. Small in size. One product. Stable environment. Strategy… defender. 98. coordination improved – specialization suffers. For each product you have all the functions. Ex: five products, five R&D departments. Slightly inefficient. Make it complex. Very big. Many different productrs. Dynamic. Strategy… prospector. 102. each product has expenses & revenues. Gives you accountability for product. When you hold people accountable, things get done. Makes VP accountable. 103. combination of functional and product designs. High tech products. Disadvantage – people pay the price. Stress. Conflict. No one know who reports to whom. Multiple projext mngrs. One __ mngr. working under pressure. Do this because you have to. Specialization & coordination at same time – advantage. Disadvantage – people problems 106. same conditions as product design. Only difference is low tech & high tech 107. responsible for coordination. Project- product. Horizontal authority. Intrepindors. Harder. 108. decides what expert goes to what team. Has all the power. 110. general mngr being replaced by functional mngr. functional design bc you develop functional mngrs 111. product & matrix. 112. functional design – bypass it the least 113. ****everyone should report one one boss. Bad to violate bc employees will get confused, and won’t know which boss to go to. Violated EVERYWHERE. Violated on PURPOSE/ GREATEST EXTENT in the matrix. 115. powers passed down one level, to the next level. Etc. mngrs can’t do it all themselves, so you delegate. 116. accountability. Responsibility.
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117. 118. cent – authority not delegated. Decen – authority delegated. Never have an organization totally centralized or decentralized. As you push coordination lower and lower you get more centralized 119. lower level mngrs make more decisions & more important decisions & more flexibility is allowed. More to do & more atonemy over doing it. Lower level mgr’s job becomes more enriched.
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answers_to_exam_2[1] - 93 Primitive boss a number of people...

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