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MANAGEMENT 3200 FINAL EXAM REVIEW QUESTIONS MOTIVATION 1. What are the five needs in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? (Know what each need is and be able to recognize what need is being satisfied in a given situation) Physiological Safety Social Esteem Selt-actualization 2. According to Maslow, what motivates your behavior? Lowest unsatisfied need motivate you (if all are present, physiological need is lowest) 3. What does Maslow believe about satisfied needs? You move on 4. If a need is frustrated, what will the employee experience, according to Maslow? Can the employee still be motivated if his/her needs are frustrated? You cannot be motivated if your needs are frustrated 5. What needs are typically unsatisfied in most organizations? Why is this the case? What would help satisfy these needs? Esteem & self actualization bc most jobs are specialized. And enriched or craft job helps you satisfy those 2 needs 6. What need is the highest level of personal motivation? How many people reach this level? Is it ever fully satisfied or fulfilled? Self actualization. Very few reach this & if they do so they only do so momentarily Never fully satisfied – never going to maximize our potential 7. What is a peak experience? 8. What does the research say about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? 2-3 needs that motivate. Not everyone climbs the hierarchy in same way You can still want more of satisfied needs 9. What is a cafeteria style benefits plan? 10. How would you apply Maslow’s theory of motivation if you were a manager? 1
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What motivates one person will be different from the other – so you have to be flexible Tailor rewards to what fits individual Be flexible motivating same individual over time bc the individual may change over time 11. What are the three needs in ERG theory that can motivate behavior? We have 3 needs Existence, relatedness, growth needs theory Existence (physiological & safety), relatedness (social & esteem), growth (self actualization)**** 221 12. How do the three needs in ERG theory match up to the five needs in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? 13. What does Alderfer’s ERG theory say about a satisfied need? It can still motivate people Leads to frustration regression 14. What is the frustration-regression principle in ERG theory? What does it say about need frustration? 15. What does Herzberg say is the opposite of job satisfaction? The opposite of job dissatisfaction? no job satisfaction/ no job dissatisfaction. Theyre both neutral Motivators and SOMETHING 16. What is a motivator factor and what is it related to in 2-factor theory? (be able to recognize what are motivators on the job). Motivators are like what needs in Maslow’s hierarchy?
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