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Management 3200: Principles of Management Fall 2010; Section 01; 10:40-12noon TTH Course Objective : The course objective is two-fold: 1) to acquire knowledge of the basic vocabulary and major facts, principles, and concepts of management and 2) to achieve an appreciation of the issues involved in managing people. Required Text : Fundamentals of Management (7ed.) Coulter; Prentice Hall. Recommended: The Wall Street Journal Grading Components Final Grade Exam 1 = 100 points (50 Questions x 2) A (90-100%) = 270-300 points Exam 2 = 100 points (50 Questions x 2) B (80- 89%) = 240-269 points Exam 3 (final) = 100 points (50 Questions x 2) C (70- 79%) = 210-239 points Total 300 points D (60- 69%) = 180-209 points F (00- 59%) = 000-179 points Exams : The exams will cover material presented in the lectures and the assigned outside readings. Each of the three exams will consist of 50 multiple-choice questions. The final exam is not comprehensive . If you must miss an exam, please contact me before the date of the exam. Make-up exams will be given in the week following the exam. The format of the make-up exam (multiple choice, short answer, or essay) is left to the discretion of the instructor. NOTE : If you miss an exam and fail to contact me before the date of the exam, this behavior will result in a ZERO for that exam. Attendance : Attendance is required. Extra-Credit : There is an opportunity in this class to earn 12 points of extra-credit (i.e., 4% points that you can add to your overall course grade). Extra-credit may be obtained in this class through 3 means: 1) participation in a series of 3 surveys, administered by the instructor (each survey completed is worth 1 point and a bonus of 3 points will be awarded if all the 3 surveys are completed), 2) participation in two in-class managerial exercises (each of these managerial exercises will be worth 2 points), 3) participation in research through the College of Business Experimental Research Hub System (you can
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MGT_3200_syllabus-Fall_2010 - Management 3200: Principles...

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