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Sample test questions - According to Maslows hierarchy of...

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According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, The lowest unsatisfied need…. Given that most jobs are specialized, what needs are typically frustrated for most employees Esteem and self-actualization In Alderfer’s ERG theory, relatedness needs are equivalent to what needs in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? Social and Esteem Existence needs – physiological and safety In Hertzberg’s 2 factor theory, what motivates employees? Job enrichment Which of the following is a hygiene factor? Pay Supervision Working conditions Co-workers If a person held an enriched job that paid poorly and had few benefits, this person would experience which of the following states according to 2-factor theory? Job satisfaction Which of the following is not a criticism of 2-factory theory? Some people’s hygiene’s are other people’s motivators It was based on a sample that was not representative of the entire workplace The way the interviews were conducted led to biased responding It assumes everyone has an instrumental motivation toward work Which of the following is not an aspect of an effective goal setting program in all situations? (SCARF) Goals that are specific Goals that are challenging yet achievable Subordinate participation in goal-setting Rewards for goal attainment Periodic feedback about goal-related performance The autocratic tell and sell method works to improve employee performance by increasing The acceptance of goals When a worker starts performing well to avoid being fired, this is known as Negative reinforcement A slacker realizes that the poorer he performs, the less work his manager asks him to do. This is an example of Positive reinforcement Which of the following is not true concerning punishment?
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It may lead to anger and aggression on the part of the punishee It may cause the punishee to lose self-confidence It replaces the bad behavior with a good behavior Which of the following is true concerning reinforcement theory? The consequence for the behavior determines its frequency
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Sample test questions - According to Maslows hierarchy of...

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