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Marketing_Yourself - MKT 3401 MARKETING YOURSELF How do the...

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MKT 3401 M ARKETING ARKETING Y Y OURSELF OURSELF How do the elements of a marketing plan apply to you personally? Put yourself in the situation of looking for a new job. In this scenario, you are marketing yourself. Let’s look at the pieces of a marketing plan to see how to plan for your own marketing. First, what is your mission? Are you looking only for part-time or temporary experience to enhance your resume, or a career stepping-stone, or a full-time long-term career choice? This mission will help set the stage for the rest of your plan. Next, what are your objectives? Do you need to find a job within the next 20 days, or are you more flexible? Are there specific job activities that you would like to perform? These job activities could be stated in the objectives portion of your resume. Be sure the objectives are very specific; general objectives are of little use to you or an employer. It’s now time for your SWOT analysis. Be very honest in your self-assessment of weaknesses and strengths because these issues often come up during job interviews.
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