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Study_questions_for_April_15 - our 1653 map 2 For the final...

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Study questions for April 15, 2009 for OCS 1005, Sections 1 and 2. Note these study questions require no further action than making sure you completed and understand the diagrams we did in class on the handout. If you missed class, your study buddy may have picked up a diagram for you to complete. If not, you can pick one up from your TA immediately before or after the next class. 1. For the final, be able to describe the interrelationship of a healthy, productive kelp forest, sea urchins, sea otters, and sea otter harvest (for a great answer incorporate
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Unformatted text preview: our 1653 map). 2. For the final, be able to explain the significance of the arrows on my rocky intertidal-kelp forest diagram. 3. Complete my sandy beach and estuary diagram on the hand out (only if you didn’t complete it in class. 4. For the final, be able to review the human impact and Global Climate Change considerations we discussed in class in regard to the sandy beach and estuary ecosystems (for a great answer incorporate our 1653 map)....
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