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For the test: Marriage and the Family Different types of economies first/last Best/worst Free market capitalism to socialism-strong and weak points of each system Different sectors of the economy Know what each of those different sectors are. Know how the imp. Of each has changed Education-the nature of goods and services, worthy goods, know what they are, when  did we make k-12 education a worthy good and why, other functions besides just  teaching, conflict theories with education system, what problems do conflict theorist point  out, make from private to public good, latent functions of education, standardized testing,  funding   Religions-emile durkiem definition, the relative sides of different religions around the  world, you don’t have to know the specific numbers Just know biggest/smallest(popularity) Beliefs- 3 different parts of belief system only know one part, cosmology, 
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Exam_3_guide - Forthetest: MarriageandtheFamily...

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