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APPLYING/ TRANSFERRING Websites for applying/ transferring: csumentor.com o Help with directly applying to CSU systems assist.org o Find out what courses are transferrable o Find out what courses you should take to transfer Guidelines: College and University admission policies o No law prohibits the admission of undocumented immigrants to US universities. College and University tuition policies o California, among other states, passed laws to permit students in-state fees Have to attend a state high school for 3 or more years Applying o Leave “social security number section” and “immigrant status” blank o Once application is complete and accepted, fill out and send the AB 540 affidavit. o Community Colleges: turn in AB 540 affidavit when registering for classes Advantages: Some community colleges hold special agreements with CSUs that ensure spots for community college students Financial Aid What is financial aid? Federal money that is given to you for free depending on your parent’s and your income It is only available to U.S. citizens and legal immigrants (social security number required) 1
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Why should I apply for it? Free federal money for your own funding during your college life It opens up big opportunities for your future Can keep you and/or your parents out of debt How would I apply for financial aid? Apply for Financial Aid through FAFSA at www.fafsa.ed.gov FAFSA is highly suggested to obtain Financial Aid because it its free Get help! Your high school should have a Financial Aid Counselor Remember to apply early! Early January through early March is the priority registration period (sign up during priority for a better chance of more money) Parents tax forms required; if you work, then your tax form is required as well What are the requirements? Your parents must make $60,000 a year or less to qualify (the
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SFSU_info - APPLYING/ TRANSFERRING Websites for applying/...

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