Exam2Study - Econ 101 Introductory Microeconomics Fall 2011...

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Econ 101 – Introductory Microeconomics Study Topics Fall 2011 – Prof. Potepan for Second Midterm Exam Second Midterm Exam: Friday, 14 October, 10.10-11.00 am, HSS 154 What to Bring: 1. Zeus Test Form 2. Calculator (you cannot use your cell phone or laptop during the exam) 3. One page (8 ½ x 11) of handwritten notes, both sides. Put your name and student ID number in the upper right hand corner of the page – you will be turning it in with the exam. During the Exam: At the start of the exam, you will be given a test booklet containing the two types of questions: 1. Thirty-three multiple-choice questions worth 3 points each. Of these 33, I will choose 8 from the Self-Test sections of the Study Guide, Chapters 4-7, and write the remaining 25 myself. 2. Two written exercises involving graphs and calculations worth 25 & 26 points each. Each exercise has several parts. You will write out your answers to these two questions in the test booklet. When the exam is over, you will submit your Zeus form, your test booklet, and your page of handwritten notes. It is okay to write on the test booklet – it will be returned to you later. You must submit your multiple-choice answers using the Zeus Test Form . Getting Your Exam Back: On Friday, 21 October, the exams will be returned at the end of class. You will get back your test booklet and your page of handwritten notes as well as your total score (out of 150) listed next to your name. The written exercises in the test booklet will be hand marked. The answer key will be posted on iLearn later that day. Study Tips: 1. Understand what concepts you need to know thoroughly for the exam by reviewing the study topic outline below. Make sure you are fully aware of each topic you will be responsible for on the exam. 2. Review CourseSteam video captures and PowerPoint slides posted on iLearn. Pay particular attention to the graphs on the PowerPoints. I suggest reviewing each lecture presentation at least once. Take notes while the lecture is streaming, and stop and replay when you are not sure of something. Very important: draw the graphs yourself from the PowerPoints. 3. Complete the answers in the Study Guide for Chapters 1-3. Do the exercises in every section and not just the multiple-choice section. Remember that 8 out of the 33 multiple-choice questions will be identical to those in the Self Test section. Econ Tutoring Lab:
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Exam2Study - Econ 101 Introductory Microeconomics Fall 2011...

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